Dear Student

Let me start off by making a big promise: if you will master the ‘Distinction in English’ system, you will hold in your hands the power to perform at an extraordinary level in any English test or examination, at any point in time, with NO tedious last – minute work.

I’m sure you have some doubts.

  • Is it even possible to study the English language?
  • What should I do?
  • Where would I even start?

If you are like most students when they first come to my centre, you will have some vague ideas about what you need to do to improve.  “I should read more books and news articles.  I should learn more words.  I should write essays.”  However, these ideas will likely remain vague and consequently there isn’t a concrete plan that you can follow and execute in order to improve.  Naturally, year after year, your results stagnate.

Here’s a piece of good news:  you CAN study in a manner that is both systematic and intelligent, so that you consistently achieve better grades in tests and examinations!

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

This may be an eye opener for some of us.  Writing and practising piles of compositions and comprehension exercises may not necessarily be beneficial.  You will definitely become more proficient at what you are already doing, but even intense practice will not help much if what you are doing is wrong in the first place.  Every practice must be performed with a specific end in mind and with a specific targeted area for improvement.

Here’s the bad news: English and General Paper are not subjects you can cram forIt takes sustained directed effort to develop a mature style of writing that you can produce at will during examinations.  The dedication required is prodigious and the discipline strict.

Therefore, you must study in the most intelligent manner possible.  There is always a method to learn effectively.


Let me explain a learning process you may not have realised, even though many of us unconsciously use it all the time.

Imagine you are about to learn to play the piano.  The contraption is large, black and formidable.  You can tinkle and experiment with each key individually to create simplistic tunes, but the very thought of utilising the entire row of ivory keys to produce rich music is overwhelming.  How do you even start?

It’s simple; you learn the same way you have learnt countless times before.

  1. The piano instructor will explain what a chord is.
  2. Next he will show you what a chord looks and sounds like by placing his fingers over the keys and playing them for you.
  3. You will then imitate what you have seen and heard.
  4. More often than not, you will make mistakes and so the instructor immediately corrects and guides
  5. Both of you will repeat the process until you have mastered the chord.

That’s it.  Almost all great mentors follow this process.

In order to improve on just about any endeavour, all you need to do is follow these 5 critical steps.  However, I do not focus on the first two – Explain and Show.  They are very time-consuming, invariably monotonous and have little effect on your results.

Instead of lecturing during lessons, I have created a comprehensive series of detailed videos clips, explaining every aspect and subtlety of the O-level English and A-level General Paper examinations.  These videos can teach you far more than what we can do with our limited time in class.  You will watch at your leisure and at your pace, repeatedly if you so desire.

Frequently Asked Questions.

So exactly what do we do in class?

We focus exhaustively on the next three steps – Imitation, Correction, and Repetition – because they are absolutely critical to effective learning.  In other words, actual meaningful learning takes place when I take you by the hand, telling you exactly what to do (and, perhaps more importantly, what not to do).  You will learn to mimic the way I write, answer comprehension questions, read out loud and even the way I converse.  I’ll guide and mentor you every step of the way, so that the confusion, doubt, and indecision that plague other students won’t plague you.  I’ll introduce interesting concepts and teach you how to express complex ideas and thoughts.  Eventually, you will develop your very own style of writing.

Why aren’t schools using this method?

Simply put, it requires a lot of personal attention.  Teachers are very dedicated and talented.  Unfortunately, the daunting size of each class inevitably means that it is impossible to correct students as they practise.  It is essential that feedback is immediately provided, so that you avoid committing the same stubborn errors while reinforcing desirable habits and writing techniques.

I'm an interested student.

Can I attend a lesson before deciding if I want to enrol?

You are most welcome to join me for a lesson! This invitation is naturally subjected to class availability.  Should you decide to continue, it will be considered as your first lesson.  If not, there are of course no charges.

Get in touch

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